OK, so we got a little excited for Halloween over here at SquareTrade. Not only was the office decked out (and very scary) and we had a pretty great costume contest, but the Giants World Series parade was happening right outside the office and it was our creative director’s birthday. 

Yeah, it was a pretty darn exciting October 31st over here at 575 Market St!

Playoff Break

Well…we’re a little excited about the Giants winning the first series of the playoffs. 

This is part of our Marketing and Business Development teams taking a slight break to crowd around a computer and watch the Giants strike out the Reds in the ninth inning. There were small explosions of excitement throughout the game.

OK, back to work! With a little bit more gusto than before ;)

Happy Birthday, Nima!

One of our Marketing Analysts got a little surprise yesterday…

Everyone else was surprised, too! Nima hadn’t told anybody about his birthday until his wife had an impressive set of balloons delivered.

What a beautiful day at the ballpark!

SquareTrade went to a Giants game! The sun was shining, the Giants were winning and the hot dogs and garlic fries were as good as ever. Everyone was decked out in their Giants best, and Rick, Liz and Rosa won for Best Dressed Giants fans.

The Face-off and the Crow

Have you seen our latest face-off video? Check it out below, and then take a look at the behind-the-scenes photos one of our super talented designers, Vic, took during the shoot.

The phones…

Chris gets ready to shoot the intro…

Preparing to drop…

Chris assesses the iPhone 5 damage…

Right when Chris would start talking…this crow would start crowing.

Getting ready for the collision test…

This duck, hanging out in the pool, was ready for its moment in the spotlight.

Our director gets underwater-shot ready:

And then water drop:

All in all, it was a beautiful day and we all learned a lot from this drop test. Thanks to Jason for the creative direction, Chris for the smooth narration, Dmitriy for the dropping and Kaboom for the beautiful shooting.

JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge

Yesterday after work, more than 40 SquareTraders changed into race shirts and workout gear for the annual JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge. It was a beautiful day for a run.

Our CEO Steve Abernethy came in first with a time of 21:43. Wow!

It’s an invasion!

They came from post-its and made their way onto various windows over here at SquareTrade. The question is…where will one turn up next?

Thanks to Dennis (again!) for the great photos.

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The Face-off and the Cat

Have you seen our new iPad vs. Nexus 7 Face-off?

We’re really happy with how it turned out. And here’s a little behind-the-scenes photo for you, too. Norman the cat wanted to join in on the fun, too!

Happy Friday! Hope your lunch is as yummy as ours.
(Thanks to Dennis, one of our lead engineers, for the awesome photo.)

Happy Friday! Hope your lunch is as yummy as ours.

(Thanks to Dennis, one of our lead engineers, for the awesome photo.)

What a kick…

Friday was kickball day…and it was SUNNY! (rare for San Francisco in July!)

Such a beautiful day. By the way…how DID that bench break?

(Thanks to Pace, our lovely newsletter guru, for the great photos!)